On #SocialMediaDay Congress Party Posts Video Message To PM Modi

| June 30 , 2018 , 13:23 IST

June 30th is celebrated as the Social Media Day. In 2010, Mashable launched Social media day to recognise and celebrate the impact of social media on global communications. Since then social media has seen an exponential growth, breaking the barriers of communication on all fronts. Social media gave voice to the common man who could share her/his voice and opinion with those in power. The medium unlike any other also saw a lot of abuse especially from supporters of political parties. Trolls of various political shades dominate platforms like Twitter and Facebook. People especially women who have a contrarian viewpoint from trolls are regularly abused and threatened on Twitter.

The Congress party has time and again questioned the list of people followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Scores of people followed by India’s most followed leader have been known to dole out abuses and threats to women. One such person was in news for his condemnable tweets in the aftermath of the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

A video tweeted by the Congress Party features women from its social media team. The video features these women singing and narrating their experiences with trolls on Twitter and appeals to the Prime Minister to unfollow the trolls on the occasion of Social Media Day. 

“Tired of online trolls, the women (and a few men) of the Congress social media team have put together a video making a collective plea to the Prime Minister @narendramodi this Social Media Day”, the tweet reads.

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