Manushi Chhillar's Dream Wedding Tempts Kareena Kapoor To Have One, AGAIN!

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| April 14 , 2018 , 17:31 IST

Every girl dreams of having a perfect wedding and blissful married life, which is surrounded by love, trust and hope for a happily ever after, so does Miss World Manushi Chhillar. The new advertisement for Malabar Gold provided us with a sneak peek into the Diva's dream wedding.

Manushi's wedding dream was indeed fascinating, so much so that Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan also got tempted to have another one. The visually appealing television commercial starts with the two pretty ladies discussing the quality of food in the otherwise boring wedding festivities.

Then Kareena goes on to ask Manushi's expectations from her wedding and that's when we come across a completely different avatar of Miss World. The scene shifts from flying colours to fireworks and quintessential wedding celebration where the happy bride is dancing and enjoying herself.

Following which comes the emotional expectations of Manushi from her wedding. Just as the scene comes back to the present, Kareena blurts about wanting to get married but the beauty with brains Chhillar is quick to correct her about already being married.

While Kareena is indeed looking pretty and unmissable in the TVC, Manushi is the real highlight. Roped in as the brand ambassador for Malabar Gold, Manushi Chhillar brought the coveted title of Miss World home after 17 years and will be promoting the brand globally.