Man Beaten With Axe, Burnt Alive In Alleged Love Jihad Case, Video Goes Viral

| December 7 , 2017 , 15:24 IST

In a shocking case of alleged 'Love Jihad' in Rajasthan's Rajsamand district, a man has been arrested for beating another man with an axe and burning him alive, while recording the entire incident on video.

The accused Shambunath Raigar later uploaded the video onto the internet, explaining his actions, saying that he killed the victim Mohammad Bhatta Sheikh to "save a girl from love jihad" and "protect the honour of Hindus against Muslims", adding that "those indulging in 'love jihad' will meet the same fate".

In the video that went viral, Raigar can be seen beating up Sheikh and then pouring kerosene oil on his body and burning him alive.

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Raigar, in the video, claims that he released the video of the incident deliberately as a warning to the 'Islamist forces' that he accused of luring girls and enticing them with 'promises of love' before converting them to Islam.

Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar said that Raigar has been sent for interrogation in connection with the murder.

Meanwhile, internet services have been suspended in Rajsamand to stop the further circulation of the two video clips.

The term 'Love Jihad' has been used by right-wing groups accusing Muslim men of feigning interest in non-Muslim women and converting them to Islam.

Watch the video below: