Ileana Was Depressed? Actress Talks About Fighting Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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| September 19 , 2017 , 15:23 IST

At a time where people are battling to find time for themselves from their hectic schedule, they often fall prey to depression and anxiety. The happiest people from outside might be the loneliest in reality.

Bollywood celebrities might be surrounded by thousands of fans and admirers but that doesn't guarantee happiness. An actress who has won many hearts with her charming smile recently revealed about being depressed and her fans can't get over the shock.

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High-spirited Ileana D'Cruz who is known for talking about her personal life and relationships freely revealed about the stage of her life when she was struggling with depression and body dysmorphic disorder, in the latest video she posted on Instagram.

The dark part of Ileana's life which was hidden from all started three years back when she was still soaking in the success of her first Bollywood release, 'Barfi'. Despite being never a part of any serious controversy, the actress had body image issues which she was unaware of, for the longest time.

The snippet shared by her on Instagram is captioned, "Unapologetic. Unfiltered. Imperfect. This is me. Flaws and all." It shows how the 'Baadshaho' actress has now learned to embrace her flaws and imperfections without letting them get to her.

Ileana said in the advertisement, "There was a period, approximately three years ago, I'd go from happy to be completely depressed and not knowing what it was. The most comforting thought was, 'What if I just end things now.' And I thankfully released that this is not right."

D'Cruz has been working in films for past 11 years 5 out of which she is creating her magic in Bollywood. Ileana made her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu's 'Barfi' opposite Ranbir Kapoor which completes 5 years of its release on September 19. 

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"I was shy, self-conscious person once I hit my teens. I was constantly hit on for my body type. The obsession started when I was 15. My entire life goal was to be accepted by everyone. I think that's what I wanted the most. I never got it," said D'Cruz.

As somebody who is going through depression, acceptance is the first step towards recovery. She said, "I never expected to be someone who'd be dealing with anxiety, dealing with depression. I've got every possible thing I could want. And I wondered, 'Why am I so depressed?'"

She added, "I still don't know sometimes. Then they told me you have depression, you have anxiety, you are going through body dysmorphic disorder. There was an acceptance which almost came immediately and that I think is one of the biggest steps that you can take towards change. You can't move forward otherwise."

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"You're human, you're not meant to be perfect. You're meant to be flawed. I'm just going to keep pushing and try and be the best version that I can be of me," she concluded.

Ileana is not the first celebrity who was opened up about battling depression. Before her, Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar have also talked about their depression phase publically.