Helicopter Eela Trailer: In Coming Of Age Film, Kajol As A Single Mom Joins Son's College

| August 5 , 2018 , 14:07 IST

On the occasion of Kajol's 44th birthday on Sunday, the makers of her next film 'Helicopter Eela' released the first official trailer. The film, from the first look itself made it clear that the story was about a mother, played by Kajol, who is a helicopter mom hovering over her son, played by National Award winning actor Riddhi Sen.

The trailer of Helicopter Eela revealed more details into the story, as it showed how Eela, a single mother,  joins college 22 years after passing out from school, joining the same college where her son is a student. As Riddhi joins college, he encourages his mother to get out more, and continue her studies, but it comes as an embarrassing shock for him as she joins his own college. Sometimes greeted as a teacher, and sometimes ragged, Eela joining college is not easy for her.

However, the mother-son duo soon experience a falling out, challenging their close relation and raising questions as to how helicopter parenting may sometimes be too much.


In an earlier interview Kajol, a mother of 2 in real life, described how she felt a connection with the character of Eela.

“As a mother, I felt a real connection with Eela’s character. She loves her son unconditionally and has built her life around him. But as he grows up, she finds herself becoming more and more dispensable. She has also put her life and dreams on hold, like so many mothers do. This is a life situation that so many women face once their kids grow up. And, one that I will inevitably face is, what do I do now? How do I hold on to my baby? In a way, Helicopter Eela is a coming of age film, more for Eela rather than it is for her son!” Kajol said.

Produced by Kajol’s husband, actor Ajay Devgn, the film is set to release on September 7.

Himanshu mishra

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