Hardik Patel Supporters Light Up Huge Rally With Phone Torches [WATCH]

| December 5 , 2017 , 14:03 IST

The 24-year-old Patidar leader Hardik Patel, while not siding with the Congress, has frequently voiced protest against the BJP that has been ruling Gujarat for 22 years. Addressing a rally in Surat, Patel drew a massive crowd with an estimated 50,000 people, and asked his supporters to use 5 minutes to call one person and ask them not to vote for BJP.

"I give you five minutes. Each one of you, take out your phones and call one relative, or friend, or anyone you know – and ask them to not vote for the BJP," said Hardik Patel to the crowd.

The crowd responded enthusiastically, and soon the entire rally was bathed in the bright light of mobile phones. A former IPS officer from Gujarat, Sanjiv Bhatt, shared a video of the rally.

Hardik Patel reiterated that the election 'battle' was against the BJP.

“The election is a people of Gujarat versus BJP battle and it should be victory of the people, not defeat of anyone,” Patel told the gathering.

“We are all here to fight our battle against those who have killed 14 members of the Patidar community during the agitation in 2015. They [BJP and the government] made every effort to finish us but we are all united and fighting,” Patel said amid chants of Jay Sardar Jay Patidar.

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According to reports, Patel's 10-km roadshow which culminated in the rally was a bigger crowd-puller than the roadshow conducted by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani or Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The upcoming elections in Gujarat have witnessed aggressive campaigning from Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other heavy-weights of national political parties, as they woo the public and local leaders.