Pro In Seconds, Frightened Italian Grandma's First Encounter With Google Home Goes Viral

| December 31 , 2017 , 13:46 IST

In today's technical era, youngster adapt to new technology and gadgets within days but the same is quite difficult for the older generation. The senior citizens often showcase hesitation when asked to mend their ways as per the modifying society, a theory proven through a latest viral video which is currently breaking the internet.

The 2-something minute's clip showcases an 85-year-old Italian woman's first encounter with the Google Home Mini. Her hilarious reaction to the tiny smart assistant has taken the internet users by storm. The lady when asked to use the device by her grandson Ben Actis, she gets scared of getting a response but soon gets the hang of it and stars talking to the gadget.

Ever since being uploaded to YouTube by Ben three days back, the video has been viewed by 775,000 users, prompting the other media outlets to take up the viral story. Initially, the woman in the video is confused by the tiny-looking gadget and says, "OK, Goo Goo (Google)." After several attempts at getting the device to respond, when it finally does, the Grandma is taken aback.

She later tells her family members that the device is scaring her but soon gets fascinated by the popular smart assistant and starts conversing with it. As per latest reports, the sales of Amazon's Alexa has risen remarkably during the holiday season due to the smart assistant's growing popularity and fun associated with using it.