Fidget Spinner Reaches Space, Astronauts Film Tricks In Zero Gravity [WATCH]

| October 15 , 2017 , 14:58 IST

Fidget Spinner is trending like anything. A basic designed spinning toy which did not have any over-the-top concept but the global acceptance received by this interesting plaything has made it everyone's favourite play buddy.

Many videos with the unique fidget spinner tricks are making their way to the internet lately but the latest video uploaded by NASA beats them all. The video features the astronauts abroad the International Space Station playing with the fidget spinner in zero gravity.

The astronauts are seen spinning the NASA-branded spinner and themselves in the gravity-free environment of ISS while doing some cool tricks. Apart from the thumping background score used in the video, the flying spinner is what takes the trophy.

The whole video might include some Newton’s laws of motion and the friction lessons but honestly, that is the least any fidget spinner enthusiast might be thinking. All they want is to tap that space, which is hardly possible for commoners.

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Anyways, these kinds of activities not just lighten the mood of viewers but also the astronauts who are cramped in the space station for months. We have seen many such eye-catching videos before and are waiting for more. Till then watch this smashing video.