EXCLUSIVE: Air India Expose And Rs 40-Crore Scam Of Aerojet Travel Agency

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| February 12 , 2016 , 12:55 IST
  air india DGCA newIndia's national carrier Air India makes news for all the wrong reason, be it yearly loss or delayed flights along with pilot's failing to report for duty, the list goes on. News world India investigated one of the biggest default to Air India which was reported almost two and a half years ago that resulted the loss of Rs. 40-Crore to the carrier, a case which was forgotten. A CAG report stated that Air India is solely responsible for putting the national carrier in debt with its purchase of 111 airplanes that has resulted in a whopping debt of Rs. 38, 423 crore. However, an investigation by News World India reveals an even deeper plot, with Delhi-based Aerojet Travel Agency alone creating a debt of Rs. 40 crore to Air India. It is alleged, Aerojet Travel Agency while purchasing tickets for Air India customers during 2013-14 worth Rs. 40-crore was never transacted to the national carrier. Watch the exclusive report to find out the entire episode plaguing Air India:

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