This Epic Spoof Of 'Mercy' Is Breaking The Stereotypical Image Of 'Proper Woman' [WATCH]

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| September 24 , 2017 , 14:17 IST

Girls are often trolled for their way of living if doesn't fit into the prejudiced standards of our society. Some go as far as slut-shaming girls if they don't find their online posts "acceptable".

Having had enough of these stupefying acts, YouTube sensation, Maanvi Gagroo and Sanaya Pithawalla in association with Girliyapa have come up with a video slamming such trolls which are meant to give unrequested advice to the women online.

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Many actresses in the past days have faced criticism for going out of line and supporting a certain kind of lifestyle. Somehow, the bullying is not limited to the celebrities, many girls face the same kind of issue on social media.

A girl has to think properly before a picture of themselves, not knowing what might hurt somebody's sentiments and tarnish your image in their eyes.

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As if getting the government system to accept people irrespective of their shape, size, colour and sex, was not enough, these trollers also had to create a havoc regarding a person's clothes and posture.

Maanvi and team have created an impressive spoof of popular singer-rapper, Baadshah's song, 'Mercy', at the same time bashing him for the misogynistic lyrics of his song. The spoof rightfully justifies a woman's right to post whatever they please without the "moral police" intervention.