Saviour Of Islam Or Murderer Of Humanity? Decoding Rajkummar Rao's Evil Terrorist In 'Omerta' 2nd Trailer [WATCH]

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| April 24 , 2018 , 17:59 IST

A multi-lingual terrorist with evil intentions on the journey of establishing Islam as the supreme religion is what Rajkummar Rao's character in Omerta reeks of. He is the mastermind behind multiple terrifying terrorist attacks which has taken thousands of lives, at least in the film.

Omar Saeed Shaikh is a ruthless man, who doesn't hesitate for a second before killing an innocent soul. The perfection in Rajkummar's portrayal of the sinister revolutionary in both the trailers released so far is so petrifying that it sends a chill down the viewers' spine.

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Makers released the second trailer of Hansal Mehta directorial giving us another glimpse of the intensity of hatred harboured by the film's anti-hero. The 3-minute clip takes us through the life of the British-born Pakistani terrorist who claims to be 'saviour' of Islam, willing to create a new world.

Be it the actor's chilling smile, the scary looks he keeps throwing at people or the end shot, the trailer screams terror. Contrary to the usage of word "Allah" in the video, there are multiple violent scenes which provide a certain direction to the film. (Censor Board might have a gala time editing it.)

Shot in various real locations of London and India, the film based on true story exposes the dangers associated with state-sponsored terrorism. The gritty trailer of Omerta has surely heightened the expectations of the audience for film's release on May 6, 2018.