Constable Foils Rs 925 Crore Bank Robbery Attempt At Jaipur Axis Bank [WATCH]

| February 7 , 2018 , 13:07 IST

A police constable managed to foil a robbery attempt of Rs 925 crores at the Jaipur branch of Axis Bank on Monday night. At least 15 robbers attempted the heist which would have been the biggest bank robbery ever committed in the country in terms of the value of the money.

The robbers tied up the security guard, and attempted to break open the shutter of the bank when Constable Sitaram who was on duty inside the bank opened fire, forcing the gang to flee. 

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It was yet unclear if the robbers also fired back, but there were reports that they returned the fire. At least 10 rounds of bullets were fired. 

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Sitaram was recruited on 2015 police batch and currently was on the security duty for the bank. The robbery put the entire police force of the city on vigil.

Police suspect that the robbers were visiting the place for the past several days.

The bank is situated in a VVIP area, located hardly few 100 meters from the state secretariat.