Attacked With A Hammer, ATM Guard Foils Robbery Bid In Goa [WATCH]

| October 29 , 2017 , 12:50 IST

Despite being hit on the head multiple times by a hammer, a brave ATM security guard foiled a robbery attempt being unarmed and barefoot!

At a Bank of Maharashtra ATM in the Panjim city of Goa, the CCTV footage revealed a foiled robbery attempt. A masked robber with a hammer in his hand, moves towards the ATM vestibule but is stopped by the ATM guard who in his hurry is barefoot. As the robber aims towards the guard's head, the guard falls to the ground but continues to engage the robber in a scuffle. Using his feet to kick the robber, the brave guard succeeds in disarming him of the hammer.

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The robber runs inside the ATM room and the quick-acting ATM guard follows the robber armed with the hammer he had left behind. Despite bleeding, the guard manages to remove the mask from the face of the robber and attempts to nab him directly. Although unsuccessful in nabbing the robber, the ATM guard succeeds in foiling the robbery attempt.

After the incident, a complaint has been registered with the Panjim Police Station against the unidentified robber and the Panjim police are scrutinising the CCTV footage from the location.

The brave security guard who risked his life to foil the ATM robbery attempt has been identified as Ranu Singh.

Watch the incident below: