Whoa! Astronauts Enjoy Pizza Treat In Space, Courtesy Generous Boss

| December 5 , 2017 , 20:03 IST

Can anybody resist the delicious pizza? Simple, No! Anybody and everybody love the yummy treat and never lets an opportunity of relishing it whole-heartedly, then how can the scientists stationed at International Space Station (ISS) be any different?

Like many other times, NASA astronauts made our day with their crazy antics in space and this time, with Pizza involved. The latest video shared by the scientist and astronaut, Paolo Nespoli made the viewers eyes pop out with its content.

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Bored to death with their fatigue routine, when astronauts wanted to party in space but had no other option to reach the yummy pizzas, is when they approached their generous boss, Kirk Shireman who had a surprise in store for the boys.

The ingredients for making Pizza were magically delivered to the space station which left the six astronauts awe-struck. Without wasting any second, they got down to work and started making their 'cosmic pizza' which left all the junk food lovers amazed.