AR Rahman's Track On Demonetisation ‘The Flying Lotus’ Unveiled

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| October 7 , 2017 , 17:05 IST

The ace musician, AR Rahman believes in contributing to the nation through music. In his latest tribute to Narendra Modi's announcement of demonetisation, the music composer has released a 19-minute track called 'The Flying Lotus'.

The artistic piece beautifully captures the impact of the economic exercise on India and its citizens. Signifying the symbol of the party in power, the song incorporates the word 'Lotus' in the title.

The proud Oscar-winning composer claims that the song is not criticizing the government's moves and openly elucidates its impact on Indian society. The central government had announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupee notes on November 8 last year.

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The decision was made in order to fight the evil of Black money in India. Having received mixed reviews from the economy, the economic movement left a huge impression behind, which Rahman has tried to capture in his song.

Defending his effort, Rahman said, "I don’t see any politics in the move." He added, "I personally believe that historic moments like these need to be recorded artistically."

The singer-composer expressed, "When the Prime Minister made the announcement, it was a big moment for India, and the rise of the country and I felt like talking about it through my music. The song is open to interpretation."

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Rahman has created the track in collaboration with the Seattle Symphony which is one of America's leading symphony orchestras. Expressing his working experience with the team, he said, "For a composer to get an orchestra like that, is always a dream."

The "Maa tujhe salaam" hitmaker admitted of travelling economy class to grasp the opinion of the common man. He said, "I thought the common man felt extremely good about the move. I like to live a very normal life, and I live in a normal neighbourhood. For this song, my voice is their (common people’s) voice."

The soothing track was premiered in May at the Celebrate Asia, an annual concert that features music by popular Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indian composers.