Official Trailer Of Pari Is Here! Watch How Anushka Sharma Becomes A Dreaded 'Fairy'

| February 15 , 2018 , 14:11 IST

Fans of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma have been quite excited for her upcoming horror movie, Pari. After releasing many of the film’s 'screamers', the official trailer was released on Thursday. After watching the trailer, one will not be able to stay without praising Anushka Sharma’s acting.

In the one and a half minute trailer, Anushka is looking both scary and scared. An incarnation of Anushka has been found, which has never been found before. The name of the film is Pari, but after watching the horrifying look of Anushka in the film, you will be afraid of the name of an angel. It begins by showing Anushka as a helpless person and Parambrata as a man who helps her and then gradually falls in love with her.

However, as the events unfold everyone including Parambrata get into doubts if Anushka is actually dangerous.

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Despite multiple screamers and now a full-length trailer, it's not easy to get a grip on Anushka’s character in the film. However, every time she comes on the screen with blood dripping over her face it gives a pure fear. While it's not clear yet whether Anushka Sharma will be doing a double role in the film or not as it looks like she is the vessel that the supernatural presence chooses.

The creepy trailer of the movie ends at a scene where two Anushkas are seen-one of them is scared and the other one looks scary with her face covered with blood. Watch the trailer posted by Anushka Sharma on her official Twitter handle.

The Film is Co-produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films and Prerna Arora’s KriArj Entertainment. This horrifying tale promises to push Bollywood’s horror genre to the next level. The film was earlier supposed to release on February 9 but now it will scare viewers on March 2.