Shameful! A Dog Gets Slapped For Not Writing ABCD, Video Goes Viral [WATCH]

| October 30 , 2017 , 18:46 IST

We hardly come across the animals who have hidden talents of exhibiting certain human skills. While most of such creatures achieve the level solely on the basis of their flair, others are trained but never forced.

In a recent video that is surfacing the internet, the brutally showcased by a dog owner towards an innocent creature is heart-breaking. Internet users are enraged with the man for continuously slapping a dog, supposedly his pet for unable to learn writing.

Soon after being shared on social media, the video went viral in which a dog is being forced to write ABCD by his master and when unable to do so, slapped tightly. Throughout the video, the man is clutching the animal's paw while dictating him to write.

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At few occasions, when the poor animal tries to look away, the merciless creature who is shameless enough to call himself a man, forces the dog to look towards the paper by slapping him hard. At last the animal was able to get away from the man's grip.

The 29-second horrifying video was making rounds on Twitter under the title of funny videos and the viewers were visibly naive enough to like and retweet the disturbing video while laughing at it.

Watch the shameful incident here: