Cuteness Overloaded! 36 Baby Pandas Make Their Public Appearance [WATCH]

| October 20 , 2017 , 17:37 IST

Who doesn't love Pandas? Especially when they are barely a few months old. Ever since the popularity for these cuddly bears has started to rise, many companies have tried to cash in their coming in vogue through some engaging commercials but the latest video which is currently breaking the internet beats them all.

The video showcases thirty-six panda cubs who were born in 2017 while making their first public appearance in China's southwestern Sichuan province at the Bifengxia and Shenshuping bases of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

Reportedly, ever since the breeding program began, this year's figures of Panda births are the highest given that 42 pandas were born this year, 15 pairs out of which are twins. Among them all, the youngest baby pandas are only a month old while the eldest is about 5-months old.

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Out of 36 pandas who made their public debut last week, 17 made their appearance at the Bifengxia base in the city of Ya'an whereas 19 cubs were shown at the Shenshuping base in the Wolong National Nature Reserve. Panda lovers are delighted by the video because Giant pandas are known for their low reproductive rate.

The key factor behind their vulnerable status along with habitat loss on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of threatened species is their low reproductivity. In China's Sichuan province, barely 1,864 pandas are remaining in the wild whereas only 370 live in captivity of breeding programs around the world.

The breeding program was required because of the rarity in births in captivity due which a cub was born at a Japanese zoo in June whereas a French zoo welcomed its first-ever baby panda last month.