Windows Phone Is Officially Dead, Know Why?

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| October 11 , 2017 , 18:22 IST

In an official announcement, Microsoft recently confirmed that the Windows Phone mobile operating system is dead. The fact which established long back stated by the company claiming that there won't be any more updates for Windows phone.

Microsoft which acquired the windows phone from Nokia in 2014 has clarified that there won't be any further attempts to compete with the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android as the new leader, Satya Nadella prefers collaboration instead of competition.

Despite the overall failure of windows phone, it has achieved some successes. During its introduction in 2010, Windows phone had the most original concept which they were never credited for.

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While Android was a re-creation of iOS icon grid, Windows Phone was based on the original concept which resulted in fast and seamless working. Though, there were many issues with the operating system which bugged the users.

Despite recommendable battery capacity, the platform was slow with the updates, Unlike Android and iOS platforms, where the security updates and bug fixes were as frequent as a day, windows lacked in the department.

Digital era has led to innovation which has helped many at various times of need but somehow windows were always the last preference for the developers to build an application for. By the time many applications reached windows platform, they were already in the obsolete category for other platforms.

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Windows good features like fast response and superior on-screen keyboard were easily over-looked the Android and iPhone's flexible platforms. While HTC learnt its lesson in 2011 after the failure of Windows Phone 8X and 8S, Nokia kept going and invested in windows phone till all the hope was lost.

Nokia's impressive camera setup was a step forward but the market was exactly not in the mood for giving away to windows phone. The massive disadvantage noted in the platform was the absence of YouTube. For mobile users, that was a big deal.

By the year 2015, Microsoft, windows phones were left with only 2.5% market space which fell from then only. Even Microsoft's take over was not able to help the case much. Today, Windows Phone is a failure, the best failure indeed.