Good News! Windows Defender Will Soon Guard Users From Scareware

| February 2 , 2018 , 13:47 IST

Microsoft is taking hard steps against software and websites that use scareware to fool buyers into buying them, the company announced on Thursday.

Adverts that give 'free scan' of a Windows PC which later identifies a malware or defects that only its paid software can remove are very common on the Internet and Microsoft will soon make a move to shield clients from these tricks.

Microsoft has lately refreshed Windows Defender's site to give an extra explanation on how its security arrangement identifies malware and other undesirable software. In the post, the organization described various undesirable practices caused by software planned to exploit users.

Microsoft particularly got out software’s that uses "coercive messages" to trap clients into installing and paying for it, saying, “Programs must not display alarming or coercive messages or misleading content to pressure you into paying for additional services or performing superfluous actions.” 

The up and coming crackdown on trick software will likewise target applications that trap clients into taking surveys, downloading documents, or agreeing to accept emails that are of no use. Software creators that use any of these or other scare strategies should be very careful about publicizing their software once the new rules become effective on March 1st.

Windows Defender Security Research colleague Barak Shein clarified the thinking behind Microsoft's new update, saying:

“This update comes in addition to our other long-standing customer protection requirements designed to keep our customers from being deceived by programs that display misleading, exaggerated, or threatening messages about a system’s health.” 

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The Internet has turned into an undeniably risky place for less technically knowledgeable users and ideally, Microsoft's update to Windows Defender will keep them from scam software.