Flaw Discovered: WhatsApp 'Delete For Everyone' Ineffective If Message Is Quoted

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| February 19 , 2018 , 18:36 IST

Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp has rolled out many updates lately including the 'Delete for Everyone' feature, which allows the user to revoke messages within seven minutes in case they have been sent to a wrong person or group.

However, the latest report by The Next Web proves that the feature will be rendered ineffective if someone quotes the message before it is deleted. The network further identified the flaw as an inbuilt feature of WhatsApp instead of a flaw.

The report highlighted that the message keeps appearing in the quote despite being deleted. WhatsApp has assured that any message, if deleted within seven minutes of being posted won't appear anywhere but the discovered flaw suggests otherwise.

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Interestingly, the message will get deleted but still appear in the recipient's quoted text. Many researchers have earlier claimed of discovering various shortcomings in the implementation of WhatsApp 'delete for all' feature.

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that if A, for instance, replies to a message sent by B before the sender is able to realise his fault and delete the sent message, then A will be able to read the message in his quote, even after the original one is deleted.

WhatsApp's FAQ are of no help in the case as well. Another flaw discovered a few days back by Spanish tech blog AndroidJefe suggested that the deleted messages could be read from the Android notification history.