WhatsApp's 'Delete For Everyone' Feature Rolling Out To Android, iOS Users

| October 27 , 2017 , 13:35 IST

Everywhatsapp user must have faced a situation where they would have sent the wrong message to the wrong person? This is where whatsapp’s new feature will help.

Reports suggest that whatsApp is finally pushing out the 'Delete for Everyone' feature with the stable build of the device. The update will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating system.

The update will be pushed out gradually across these platforms. WABetaInfo, a platform that sends out news related to Whatsapp beta versions had first indicated about the rollout. The feature has already rolled out to users in Spain, Singapore and few other countries.

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You have to check if the Delete for Everyone feature works for you now!
This should be possible for some users in Spain and for iOS, but check in other countries and Android/WP too and reply to this tweet.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) October 26, 2017

 AnFaq section on the Whatsapp Blog has added a new section ‘To delete messages for everyone’

As per the blog:

Deleting messages for everyone allows you to delete specific messages you have sent to either a group or an individual chat. This is particularly useful if you sent a message to the wrong chat or if the message you sent contains a mistake.

Messages you successfully delete for everyone will be replaced with "This message was deleted" in your recipients' chats (*). Similarly, if you see "This message was deleted" in a chat, it means that the sender deleted their message for everyone.

You can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone. To delete messages for everyone:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat containing the message you wish to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the message > choose Deletefrom the menu. Optionally, select more messages to delete multiple messages at once.
  3. Tap Delete > Delete for Everyone.

Whatsapp had recently released the live location-sharing feature and is anticipated to come up with group video calling feature soon.

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The ‘Delete for everyone’ feature comes as a great news for millions of whatsapp users and will save many from embarrassment for sure. They will just have to be quick in recalling their messages.