Check Out! Utility Apps That Android Users Should Not Miss

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| October 8 , 2017 , 17:44 IST

The ever-growing technology has made our lives much easier. The common man has been given the power of digital media to not just access the social media platforms but to use the mobile applications to their full potential. 

Developers come up with applications every once in a while which could be of benefit for the internet users. Many day-to-day activities could be made a sailing journey with some of the crucial tools that are easily found on Play Store.

Here's the list of applications that any android user must have on their smartphone:

All India Code Finder

There are times that we are unable to look for the addresses, pin codes, STD codes, Bank IFSC codes and the similar information due to our lack of knowledge. Let's get real, remembering the codes of 29 states is not an easy task. To make your search easier, All India Code Finder app provides you with the required information and more.

Expense Manager

Everybody runs on a specified budget and unless one maintain a record of their expenses, there are chances of over-spending. The Expense Manager app helps in maintaining the control over one's expenditure better. This personal accounting app allows the user to create multiple accounts and track tax.

Google Drive

Most of the Gmail users utilise the associated cloud storage service which allows millions to share and save their documents, contacts, media files among others online. The renowned medium is a safe way to keep your documents sheltered from uninvited harm. The service is accessible on the desktop as well.

Google Maps

Indian roads are a web of many interlocking routes which can confuse even the expert drivers. Google Maps comes pre-installed in most of the Android smartphones and allow the user to track the desired location while checking for traffic jams. Lately, many interesting features including helping the user in finding perfect parking spot have been added to the app.

Just Dial

The popular mobile application helps the user in searching for the business or commercial establishments of requirement and even share their contact numbers with the user for convenience. Many other features like locating movie theatres, restaurants, resorts and ATMs are present in the application.