Shocking! Using Fake iPhone Chargers Can Lead To Fatal Accidents: Study

| December 8 , 2017 , 17:06 IST

Youth these days is fascinated by the concept of iPhones and the idea of owning one please them. With the aim of fulfilling their wish, they are often taking loans or buying the used ones. However, a recent shocking development regarding these expensive gadgets will leave them shocked and terrified.

iPhone users are at high risk of life-threatening electric shocks or house fires. A recent study suggested that the iPhone owners using fake chargers are pulling their lives at risk as 98% of such counterfeits are prone to burst and cause life risk for the users.

Researchers are hoping for their findings to raise awareness among the masses and save lives. In a series of tests conducted on the fake iPhone chargers, the shocking result revealed that almost 98 % of them have the potential to deliver lethal electric shocks and cause a fire.

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The report published by Electrical Safety First discloses that any iPhone charger purchased from an online marketplace or at an independent discount store can cause life risks to users. Most of the tested chargers failed more than one conducted tests while only 2% were able to cross through, unscathed.

Researchers conducted a number of electrical and mechanical tests on the samples and the results left them stunned. The internal examination resulted in almost half failing the basic safety requirements, with sub-standard internal components or inadequate spacing.

Lack of insulation and poor quality internal components has led 68% to be at the severe risk of electric shock. 30% chargers which passed the electrical tests later failed the plug pin strength test, demonstrating a danger of breaking off inside a mains socket.