Top 5 iPhone Cases For The New Year

| December 30 , 2017 , 13:33 IST

In the new year are you planning to upgrade your Apple iPhone? If the Apple iPhone X (₹​89,000) is your choice then chances are that this most-expensive-iPhone-ever would burn a hole in your pocket. So you might want to protect it, so your new acquisition doesn’t get smashed as you go about your day.

News World India suggests teaming up your iPhone - old or new – with one of these phone cases. Protection, aesthetics, grip, or whatever else be your reason of desire for a phone case, there is one for every reason.

The Griffin Survivor Extreme (₹3,367) helps the phone withstand drops of up to 10ft on to concrete, even protecting it from rain and mud. With its solid looks, the Griffin is all strength no style. Where to buy

However the Caseology (₹1,432) cases offer protection as well as beauty. Apparently these cases have been drop-tested 26 times each, and so are proven to be sturdy, but their 3D designs bring colour to its power. Where to buy

The Otterbox Symmetry Series - Drop And Shock Protection (₹3,100) are sleek and minimalist in design, while its thick curved edges keep the phone secure. The Otterbox’s symmetry clear series is a transparent case, allowing you flaunt your phone too. Where to buy 

You could ofcourse go with Apple’s own Leather Folio (₹8,600) cases, that enveloppe the phone back to front in posh leather. But these are expensive and bulky.

If you are in a creative mood, pick a case from Daily Objects (₹1000 upward). Solid and sturdy, Daily Objects picks various art works and even allows you to customise with your own image, then imprints them on your phone case so you can bring that phone out of your pocket in your authentic style.
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