Fed Up Of Your Meal Mates Gawking At Their Phones During Dinner? You Need This Mystic Table Lamp!

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| October 13 , 2017 , 13:51 IST

Many a times parents and companions are unable to talk to their loved ones due to the latter's over-bearing love their phones. Ideally, dinners are termed as the family bonding time but due to the stressful life, people are unable to indulge in the conversations fully and the blame goes to these touchscreen interfaces which most people own these days.

Either it is an important work call or their addiction for social media, individuals irrespective of their age are so into their smartphones that they ignore their surroundings completely. Enough is enough, it is time for a change and a new gadget called 'Socialight' is all too eager to lend you a help.

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This phone activated table lamp will force your meal mates to put their phones away while having their dinner or they can always eat in dark, easy choice. The mystical light created by a Products of Design student at the School of Visual Arts in New York is a bowl-shaped lamp with a flat top to place your phones.

Neither the lamp can be activated by a switch or battery but only through a phone. You read that right. Apparently, the magnetometer of the lamp detects the device’s electromagnetic field and turns on the light. Kevin Cook was inspired to create the device by the age-old 'phone stacking game'.

In a blog post, Cook explained the game for those who are unfamiliar with the concept. He wrote, "You and your friends go out to dinner and stack your phones on the table. If someone can’t resist the siren call of their smartphone and removes it from the stack, they’ll have to foot the bill."

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Socialight works on the similar lines and helps friends and family to reconnect over meals. While the technical gadgets are designed with the basic idea of creating a desire among prospective users, gadgets to break such dependency are yet to make their existence known.

The idea of this phone activated table lamp is indeed a step forward to connect with people with whom we have disconnected in the way to connect with those who are of less relevance virtually. Socialight offers a way to illuminate your relationship with your loved ones and we must grasp it with both hands.