Sick of Neo-Nazi tweets on their timeline, Twitter users are virtually relocating to Germany

| December 5 , 2017 , 17:39 IST

For those sick and tired of Neo Nazi and white supremacist tweets popping up on their timeline there is a way out: relocate to Germany! At least on twitter.

Germany’s had recently passed a new law aimed at regulating social media platforms to ensure they remove hate speech within set periods of receiving.

Under the new ‘Das Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz’ law, fines of up to 50 millions euroes can be applied on social media networks that fail to comply.

This has come as a sign of relief for those who do not want to see hateful Neo Nazi tweets on their timelines. The best part is that you don’t have to be physically present in Germany. Just go to the settings page and update your location to any German city and Twitter will start filtering Neo Nazi, White Supremacist tweets and accounts from your timeline.

The fact that Twitter can filter such accounts and tweets in one country makes us wonder what stops Twitter from doing the same globally?