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Confess Your Feelings Anonymously Via The Sarahah App

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| August 11 , 2017 , 15:17 IST

In the era of technology, people are more dependent on social media and mobile applications for information and entertainment instead of other sources. In the midst of all that dependence, another mobile application has hit the web which within the few days of its launch has gone viral.

Sarahah, which in Arabic means honesty has now become a highly recognisable mobile/web application. After being launched in February as a website, Sarahah blazed the whole web with its simple yet interesting idea. Developer of the application, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq later in June launched the mobile app version of Sarahah which was highly admired by the users.

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Doing much justice to the name, Sarahah is all about honesty or rather confession that too without having to expose the one confessing. Social Media users who have been getting the pop-up of the app for a while now, when tried it went all gaga over the application. The reason being that app allows the users to send anonymous messages to the other users.

Both the Android and iOS users can install the app and using it is quite simple. One only needs to create an ID on the application after downloading it and then connect it on his/her Facebook, twitter or any other social media platform.

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Once the ID is accessible to your friends, they can message you anonymously by using their own ID which won't be visible to you. One on the receiving end can't reply to the message received by them. This will ensure the anonymity of the sender.

Some cases of Cyber bullying using the application have already been registered. This addictive application though is safe and created completely for the purpose of fun, should be used diligently.

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