Fed Up Of Doing Your Own Homework? Let This App Do It For You Now!

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| October 11 , 2017 , 17:11 IST

Every student once in his lifetime much have wished for a magic wand just to get their dreadful homework done. Well, we are not so sure about the magic wand but the era of digital innovation has brought to life an application which can fulfil their dream with just a few clicks.

A mobile application called 'Socratic app' is the perfect platform for the school students to learn at their own pace. It will help the students who have complaint in the past that they lack behind in studies due to the negligence of their teachers and them being slow learners.

This application does not only helps the students seeking the detailed information regarding the topic in question but also present the solution for the problem. Students are often stressed about scoring fewer marks in a particular subject but this application helps you with subjects like Science, Math, Social Science and Humanities.

The application is easier to use as the user is not needed to type the full question but just click a picture of the problem and the app presents a detailed explanation on the topic which you can understand and do your homework. For a better understanding of students, it also incorporates graphs and curated videos.

The application can easily be downloaded on Apple and Android smartphones.