Google Maps To Pop Up Real-Time Notifications For Mass Transit Travellers

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| December 10 , 2017 , 15:34 IST

Google's widely used en route planner and navigation application, Google Maps have been coming up with innovative features to connect better with the common man. The application will soon cater to an issue faced by the travellers of mass transit ride on daily basis.

During long journeys after a stressful day at work, people tend to fall asleep and miss their stops. However, the navigation app will now guide the passengers during their journeys in public transportation before notifying them to get down.

According to the latest report by popular technology website TechCrunch, the feature will soon be rolled out by the web titan. Using the feature, the user will receive live guidance and interactive real-time notifications on the display of Android lock screen.

TechCrunch reported that the user will be needed to "start" the operation by pushing a button at the bottom of their phone's screen for receiving live updates of the stops and location. The feature, once implemented, will help the inter-city travellers the most.

The users will not be able to track their movements and journey's progress but also their exact location. The website believes that the feature will go live soon but no such information has been verified yet. Speculations suggest that it is being tested currently.