Google For India: Go Version To Enhance Experience For Entry-Level Smartphones Users

| December 5 , 2017 , 18:08 IST

Web Titan, Google has never failed in innovating new features and applications to enhance the user experience and the recently launched application 'Google Go' aims the same. The application majorly targets the users on low-end handsets to unify their internet experience.

The mobile app allows the user to access Google services such as Search, Voice Search, GIFs, YouTube, Translate and Maps. A search bar has also been included to provide a unified experience and offers search trends and top stories from the internet.

The internet major organised a Google for India event on Tuesday where the application was launched. The event also marked the official announcement of Android Oreo (Go Edition) for entry-level smartphones and launch of Files Go.

"We gathered feedback from hundreds of Indian cities to make the power of Internet accessible for new users through Google Go," Google's engineering VP, Shashidhar Thakur said at the event.

The application has been designed on the lines of popular UC browser which attracts the users for various reasons. Much like the application, Google Go will include options to access Facebook, CricBuzz and Instagram while allowing the user to translate their queries without any hassle.

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With the compact size of 5MB, Google Go consumes 40 percent fewer data making it most suitable for the devices with less than 1GB of RAM. The application can be easily downloaded from Play Store for Android Devices.

Google took up the opportunity to announce Oreo Go - an optimised version of Android 8.0 Oreo, compatible with the smartphones with 512MB-1GB of RAM. The updated OS will let the applications to start up with 15 percent faster speed.

Oreo Go will allow the preloaded applications to only take up half the space for optimisation as compared to other OS platforms while letting the device to store an extra 1,000 photos.

Caesar Sengupta, Vice-President, Next Billion Users said, "Android Oreo (Go edition) will help improve the experience on entry-level phones while new apps like Files Go will ensure their experience is smooth and they consume less data."

Google Go, Oreo Go and Files Go applications were being tested for past few months and will come pre-installed on Go edition devices. The application will go ahead and prompt the users to delete heavy files and certain images.