Following Few Hours Of Exile From Apple Store, Telegram Is Back!

| February 2 , 2018 , 18:19 IST

After a short unavailability, well known messaging applications Telegram and Telegram X are again back on the Apple App Store. Both applications had been expelled from the App Store on Thursday following the presence of wrong content, as proposed by Pavel Durov, Founder and CEO of Telegram in a tweet.

The applications came back to the App Store within a couple of hours of evacuation. "Telegram is back in the App Store after being absent there since midnight CET (4:30 am IST)," said Durov in a tweet on Thursday confirming their return.

Apple probably suspends applications that are in coordinate infringement of the App Store's rules. The reason could be that the application had content that was "offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste.

"The removal could likewise have been because of the absence of a standard filtering or reporting mechanism set up to expel absurd content. As per a Mashable report, Telegram stations are frequently spammed with obscene and other improper substance.

While the correct explanation for the short nonappearance might not have been uncovered yet, both the Telegram and Telegram X applications are currently accessible for download on the Apple App Store.

The Telegram X application for Android was additionally discharged on Wednesday. The experimental application adds features like bubble-free mode for chats, tap and holds for preview, and a few swiping shortcuts. In terms of UI, the app has a redesigned music player, attachment menu, as well as optimised profile pages.