Facebook Lends Help To Check For Dangerous Lilac Fire Through Safety Feature

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| December 9 , 2017 , 18:01 IST

Social media networking platform, Facebook has activated a safety feature to help the San Diego residents who are living near the fast-moving Lilac Fire in telling their friends, family and loved ones about their safety. 

The website will prompt the user's safety if they are recognized as living near the disaster zone or having posted about it in recent hours. In order to mark your safety through the feature, the user will be needed to locate the prompt in their newsfeed.

They might also find the option through their notifications where they can go and check in while clicking the " I'm safe." The users can also mark themselves safe by clicking here.

While the southern California fires are spreading widely, the county officials have reminded people of looking for information about the fire to call 211 and also requested that 911 should only be used for emergency situations.

Line 211 should only be used by the people who are directly impacted by the fire and the other area's residents should refrain from calling the number.