Happy Silver Jubilee To Text Messages, Celebrating 25 Years Since First Sent SMS

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| December 3 , 2017 , 17:33 IST

Typed messages have become a crucial fragment of our everyday communication. Even the emergence and growth of internet technology couldn't fade away the relevance of 160-character texts from our lives which were reportedly introduced over two decades back.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the first ever SMS which opened doors for many to communicate without making voice calls. Many messaging applications including WhatsApp were initially introduced to facilitate the message exchange between people.

Reportedly, the man to send the first ever SMS on December 02, 1992 was a 22-year-old engineer named Neil Papworth. Notably, his text was sent from a computer which read, "Merry Christmas" to the then Vodafone director Richard Jarvis.

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Papworth says, "In 1992, I had no idea just how popular texting would become, and that this would give rise to emojis and messaging apps used by millions. I only recently told my children that I sent that first text. Looking back with hindsight, it’s clearer to see that the Christmas message I sent was a pivotal moment in mobile history."

However, the SMS feature was introduced for usage by the common man in 1993 by Nokia which allowed the users to send the messages of up to 160-characters. By 1999, people using different telecom networks were also able to exchange text messages.

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Emojis have also become an important part of the messaging ritual which was interestingly created by Japan. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, texts became an important medium to communicate and the limited characters forced the users to come up with innovative shortcuts.

The emergence of applications like WhatsApp and iMessage have reduced the usage of Text messages but one cannot ignore that the innovative invention worked as the stepping stone for all the other related innovations.