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Roomba 980, Latest Vacuum Cleaner From iRobot That Can 'See' Your House

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| September 19 , 2015 , 07:14 IST
iRobot, the market leader for home based robotic technology has launched its latest vacuum cleaner, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner roomba 980 Roomba 980is considered as iRobot's most capable and best cleaning robotic vacuum to date. It is also the first Roomba to combine adaptive navigation with visual localization, cloud connected app control, and increased cleaning power on carpets, helping people to keep cleaner floors throughout the entire home at the push of a button. “Roomba 980 is the next big step as it marks iRobot's first cloud connected product with mapping capabilities for the consumer market,” said Colin Angle, chairman and chief executive officer of iRobot, in a press release. “Leveraging the cloud and mapping technologies, robots gain a better understanding of their environment, and customers are provided with more control. Looking ahead, these technologies will also enable expanded capabilities for connected robots in the smart home.” The newly launched Roomba 980 includes an enhanced array of sensors to help it clean better, including visual inputs. The robotic cleaner incorporates a low-res video camera to help it map the house as it learns the layout of rooms and location of objects like furniture and household items. With Roomba 980, iRobot is implementing its proprietary visual simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM®) technology for the first time in a consumer product. Using the map, Roomba 980 will run continuously for up to two hours, then automatically return to its Home Base to recharge and resume until the cleaning is done. The autonomous cleaner also pairs with an app, enabling users to fire up a cleaning cycle remotely via the Internet. The Roomba 980 vacuum cleaning robot goes on sale in the United States and Canada for $899 Thursday. With more than 14 million robots in people's homes worldwide, iRobot is the global leader in automated home cleaning.

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