Winter Olympics 2018: Opening Ceremony Kicked Off At Pyeongchang

| February 9 , 2018 , 18:59 IST

The 23rd Olympic Winter Games officially kicked off today in Pyeongchang, South Korea with a fantastic presentation and a parade of participating nations. The opening ceremony, titled “Peace in Motion” held at the Pyeongchang  Olympic stadium in the sleepy mountain town of Hoenggye which is located in the Gangwon province of Pyeongchang country.

The Stadium welcomed all 92 countries boasting nearly 3,000 athletes with all eyes eagerly waiting the sight of South and North Korean competitors uniting to walk into the stadium together for the first time.

In the First segment, five children began their time travel on a quest for peace. The children follow the White Tiger, one of the four guardian gods and protector of peace.

In the second segment, an array of elaborate puppets and dancers filled the empty stage as the crowd of nearly 30,000 watched in rapt silence.

The third artistic segment entitled Taeguk, after hundreds of dancers leave the circular stage, eight former South Korean Olympians emerge with the Taegukgi flag and the Rainbow children’s Choir appeared on the stage to sing the national anthem of South Korea, Aegukga, as the flag raised.

After then, the parade of athletes from all the participating nations started in their different styles. Later on, the IOC president Thomas Bach and Pocog president Lee Heebeom took the podium to deliver their speeches.

The final segment of the ceremony was totally artistic, entitled Peace in Motion. The five children protagonists finished their time travel and hold up the candle for peace in front of the world as John Lennon’s Imagine was performed by a group of musicians including Jeon In-Kwon and Ha Hyun-woo. Hoping for peace, the five children release the dove in the skies above Pyeongchang.