UN Security Council Catches FIFA Fever [WATCH]

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| June 15 , 2018 , 13:05 IST

The members of the UN Security Council on Thursday came dressed in the jerseys of their respective countries to mark the opening of the Fifa World Cup. The meeting was held to discuss consultations on Yemen and a report on Sudan and South Sudan.

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of UNSC dressed like a referee with a whistle and a yellow card, while on the other hand the Council President for the month and the permanent Russian representative Vassily Nebenzia, shot a goal through the table's opening.

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As Russia is the host of the ongoing FIFA World Cup Nebenzia kept a football in front of his table for the rest of the day’s session.               

Nikki Haley received an applause as she came into the chamber wearing a red-and-blue-striped white jersey of her home country and greeted Nebenzia with a smile who is usually her opponent at the Council.

The day’s concerns were the situation in Mali where the run-up to the presidential election has been marred by some violent clashes. Council members showed unity in expressing concern about the security situation in the West African region and calling for implementing the country's peace agreement.