FIFA Ranking: While Germany Claims 'Team of the Year ' Tag, Team India Retains 105 Position

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| December 22 , 2017 , 15:35 IST

Indian football team has had a stellar year under the leadership of Sunil Chhetri which has landed the team on the 105th position of the latest FIFA rankings. While Germany has claimed the 'Team of the Year' title for the team's extraordinary performance throughout the year, India had to settle for the three-digit position.

Due to the last month's rankings, Team India was not scheduled to take part in any International fixture, however, with 320 points, the team was able to retain its previous spot by jumping two positions. The team has locked horns with Myanmar for AFC Asian Cup 2019 qualifiers in October leaving both the teams to settle for a 2-2 draw.

Following the qualification, Myanmar jumped 10 positions to reach 140th rank whereas India landed on the 105th spot. After playing the 13 unbeaten matches since March 2016 World Cup qualifiers, the national team is basking in the joy of their steady performance.

Germany is all ready to defend its world champion title in Russia after qualifying through 10 matches while remaining unbeaten for 15 matches in 2017. The team has claimed 'Team of the Year' title this year which were earlier held by Argentina and Belgium in 2016 and 2015 respectively.

The top team has been holding onto the spot due to its largely unchanged ranking in 41 'A' internationals which have been played since the previous edition and that few of those involved teams at the top end of the table. Brazil and Portugal follow behind Germany in second and third place respectively.