Sunil Gavaskar Alleges, Virat Kohli Still Lacks Experience In Test Captaincy

| September 14 , 2018 , 15:18 IST

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar on Thursday revealed that current Skipper Virat Kohli still has a lot to learn tactically in respect to Test captaincy as Indian team struggled to 1-4 series defeat against England in the recently-concluded five-Test series.

Speaking to media, Gavaskar said, "He (Kohli) still has a lot to learn. Like we saw in South Africa earlier and now in England too, there were instances when right field placements or timely bowling changes made by him could have made a big difference. That was missing again. It has just been two years (he took over four years back) since he took over as a captain so at times the lack of experience shows."

The 69-year-old further added "And whatever experience he had was that of Indian pitches where wickets fall quickly. He did not have the experience of breaking a good partnership. Hopefully, he will learn that by the time we tour Australia and won't let their lower order run away with momentum".

"He (Virat) must have been hurting from the defeat. Maybe the reporter was perfectly justified in asking that but I don’t think any skipper would have responded with a "you are right but we are wrong” statement," he said.

Gavaskar also said, "His team was 1-3 down and maybe he just wanted to end on a high. I don’t think that we should read too much into Virat’s reaction either. It was clear that the skipper was disappointed with what had happened and maybe he responded that way."

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He also thought that chief coach Shastri’s intention was not to insult the teams of yesteryear but only to talk up his own boys.

"To be honest, Ravi (Shastri) would have said that (best touring team in last 15 years) to lift the morale of the team. I don’t think so that he was trying to rubbish the earlier teams. That wasn’t the coach’s intention I believe," the 69-year-old said in the end.