Premier League: Manchester City Face Manchester United In Derby Clash Of Epic Proportions

| April 6 , 2018 , 19:08 IST

The second Manchester Derby will take place on Saturday when Manchester United host the Premier League leaders Manchester City. The clash of the top two teams has big-stakes at play as they usually are when the two English giants collide.

City who lead their ‘city’ rivals United by 16 points with only seven games left to play. If City wins this game, their lead over United will be insurmountable and they will be crowned champions.

However, Manchester United has their pride on the line as Jose Mourinho will do everything in his power to prolong the inevitable.

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Out of the UEFA Champions League, second in the Premier League and only FA Cup left to fight for, United aren’t having the season it was expected of them. They have improvements in their league position, but when they look across the town, to the ‘Blue’ side of Manchester, it is evident that Pep Guardiola's team is far superior to theirs.

But, the recent drubbing of Manchester City at the hands of Liverpool in the first leg of UEFA Champions League shows that the team still has weaknesses. Jose Mourinho is famous to exploit the weaknesses of teams to win games.

The Manchester Derby has always been a feisty affair, even if it was for jostling for local supremacy. With stakes this high, the match will have fireworks as well as compelling moments when the two best teams in England will battle it out in Old Trafford.