Look At The Positives, Says MS Dhoni On Losing Test Against South Africa

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| January 19 , 2018 , 18:10 IST

Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni has won millions of hearts for his cool demeanour and optimistic approach. The player once again showcased his positive attitude while answering a question pertaining to India's shameful test defeat in Centurion.

"I would say look at the positives. To win a Test match you need 20 wickets and we have taken 20 wickets. If you can't take 20 wickets, what is the next thing? You look to draw a Test match," Dhoni said.

Dhoni has retired from the test cricket which refrained him from joining his team in South Africa before the unlimited over matches start. While addressing a press conference on Friday, he asked the reporters, "How you can draw a Test match is by giving less runs and by scoring runs."

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While the Indian team is trailing behind the rival team by 0-2 in the ongoing test series, Dhoni took the achievement of taking 20 wickets as a good sign. He indicated, "This means we are always in a position to win a Test match. Once you start scoring runs, you are there."

The wicket-keeper explained, "If you are not able to get 20 wickets, you can't win a Test match irrespective of whether you are playing in India or you are playing outside. But that is the big positive. We are taking 20 wickets."

Dhoni expressed his joy for joining back Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming IPL. The team was suspended in the wake of the 2013 spot-fixing scam but will be back on the field this year. The player expressed, "I never thought of playing for any other franchise other than CSK. Chennai is my second home."