Proved! Grunting Boosts Your Performance While Annoying Opponents

| March 12 , 2018 , 13:15 IST

Grunts or squeals by athletes on the tennis court have always been a talking point among fans in an amusing way. It’s an excuse to make fun of the athletes but sadly for them, studies now show that grunting while hitting a backhand or forehand helps in generating more power than an ordinary shot.

Famous tennis stars such as Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka have been made fun of because of the grunts they make while performing.

Other sports such as mixed martial arts or weight lifting also has some athletes grunting while executing a move.

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Tennis players are particularly famous for grunting. Their shouts with each serve and stroke can be so loud that some players, including Martina Navratilova, have declared that the noise is a form of cheating, meant to confound the other player and not to increase the power of a stroke.

Grunting during physical activities that demand sudden short, sharp bursts of power, such as weight training, is common and probably has been used since our prehistoric ancestors hefted stones.

A study conducted in the University of Hawaii, led by associate professor Scott Sinnett found that in Martial Arts if the fighter grunts before kicking he will generate 10% more power to his kicks. The noise also had affected viewers, although not in their favour. They had proven to be much slower in responding and more prone to errors in judging direction when the kick had come with a grunt.

However, grunting will not be useful in long-distance running or walking, which requires little explosive force.

The study doesn’t mention however that if athletes consciously scream during sports will be beneficial or not if the noise doesn’t come naturally.