Arshad Khan, Former Pakistan Cricketer Now Drives Cab In Australia To Survive

| September 1 , 2015 , 23:20 IST
Arshad Khan - 1 (1)Unlike many cricketers who become experts on the news and sports channel, Arshad Khan, a Pakistani bowler chose to become a cabbie in Australia after retirement. The former Pakistani sports-star who has sent master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar back to pavilion several times was spotted driving an Uber cab in Sydney. According to a post of a Hyderabad based India, Ganesh Birle, the 44-year-old star bowler of the neighbour country has taken up driving as his full-time profession to earn his bread and butter. "He was the driver of our cab and we started chatting, he told me that he is from Pakistan and lives in Sydney. Also that he has been to Hyderabad many times when he was playing for Lahore Badshahs something in ICL. After which I asked him his full name and then I was shocked to see his face which I could partially recognise. I shook his hand and left," Birle wrote in a facebook post. After debuting as off-spinner in 1997 against West Indies, Khan played 58 One-Day Internationals and 9 Tests matches till 2006. He never became part of any news debate or expert panel on any media platform. But suddenly, the revelation raises questions on the treatment Pakistani players get after sports-life!