Former England Captain Mike Brearley Says, Root Can Learn From Virat Kohli When It Comes To Conversion Rate

| October 8 , 2018 , 19:45 IST

Former England captain Mike Brearley on Monday revealed that there is one thing that current England's Test skipper Joe Root, can learn from Indian skipper Virat Kohli when it comes to batting.

According to media reports the former cricketer pointed out the conversion rate from 50 to 100 for the two captains despite both being among the modern-era greats.

It is learnt that there has been an issue about Root's batting prowess in the Test format where his conversion rates stand only 25. In fact, in the five-match series against India that concluded last month, Root scored just a century, at Oval, and failed to convert his other fifty that he notched up at Birmingham in the opener.

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On the other hand, Kohli smashed a mighty 593 runs at an average of 59.30 in the series which included two centuries and even though he failed to convert other of his fifties into a hundred, his conversion rate stands at 54, which is the best after Don Bradman and Goerge Headley.

Speaking to media Brearley said, "Root is a terrific batsman. He hasn't quite come off in the last year and I don't know why it is that he keeps getting out between 50 and 100. It's not for want of trying. Perhaps he starts trying too hard. Virat Kohli's conversion rate from the 50s to 100s is something like 59 or 60 per cent (it's 54), Root's is something like 25. It's quite an interesting contrast these are two of the best four or five players in the world."

"It takes 10 years, you know. I don't know the answer. It isn't that he keeps getting out in the same way. It isn't that he's short of shots and by the time he gets to 70 he has to take a few more risks than Kohli would have to. It isn't that: he's got all the shots," he added.