FIFA Overhauls World Ranking System, Working On New Fairer Formula

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| June 11 , 2018 , 14:15 IST

In an attempt to prevent manipulation by nations to move up the table, FIFA has overhauled its World Ranking system based on points formula ahead of the World Cup. Instead, a new formula has been suggested at the FIFA Council Meeting on Monday for fairer calculation of ranks.

The present system was operative since 2006 and ever since has received criticism for enabling countries to boost their position by scheduling low-risk friendlies against weaker opposition, earning favourable seedings at tournaments and qualification groups.

The points system uses an average score of the team based over a five-year period. Most countries avoid playing friendlies as they are worth significantly fewer points than competitive games.

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After a two-year consultation period, FIFA has decided to adopt a new formula based on the Elo method of calculation places puts emphasis on the strength of opponents and results achieved in meaningful competitions. The system is already in place for FIFA Women's World Rankings.

While competitive internationals will still be worth more than friendlies, but every match will add or subtract to a nation's total score based upon the result, rather than affect an average, hence, making it impossible to manipulate the ranking by simply not playing matches.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino expressed, "It gives, I think, some more weight to official matches and so on but also takes away some of these imbalances we had before," adding, "I hope it will be a little less subject to criticism."

The fresh system of rank calculation will be reflected in FIFA's first rankings update after the conclusion of FIFA World Cup in Russia, which kicks off on June 15.