Families Are Our Motivation, Says India U-17 Football Players

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| October 1 , 2017 , 17:54 IST

Less than a week before the FIFA Under-17 kicks off in India, the Indian football team members have said that the presence of their families in the stadium will motivate them in the International sports tournament.

Under-17 Indian footballer Amarjit Singh said, "On behalf of the team, I can say that the AIFF has already planned to get our families to Delhi and host them so that they can watch our games, even during the AFC U-16 Championship in Goa (in September 2015), the AIFF had ensured that our parents were present during the matches and that made the occasion all the more memorable for us,".

Upon hearing that the parents of all the Indian U-17 players will be there in the stadium during the play, the entire squad was overblown with excitement.

Maharashtra's Aniket Jadhav said, "This is so motivational, it's a great motivation to have your parents around to watch you play in a World Cup."

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hailing from Bengaluru Sanjeev Stalin that said it was a pre-Diwali gift for him.

He said, "The last time during AFC U-16 Finals all our parents were here. It's always nice to see your dear ones during the championship."

Getting ready for the embarrassment of his loud parents, Manipur's Md. Shahjahan said, "On the 6th (October 6, 2017) when I step on to the ground, I know my parents will be the loudest cheerleaders. Nothing can be more inspirational for me."

Admitting that it was a novel concept, Shahjahan said, "I wasn't in the squad during the AFC U-16 Finals but since then I have only heard stories from my teammates about their parents cheering for them."