Domestic Players In Line For A Pay Hike As BCCI Committee Meets In Delhi

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| September 14 , 2017 , 14:47 IST

The BCCI finance committee meeting in Delhi on Thursday is set to prosper cricketers in India with a 100 percent pay raise for domestic players as well as women cricketers.

It's not much of a news that there has been a substantial difference between the pay of international and domestic players. Even the international women players don't nearly make as much as the male ones.

According to sources, other match officials are also expected to receive a similarly raises in fees.

A source at BCCI told the Indian Express, "Whatever percentage hike domestic cricketers will get, same percentage hike will be given to match officials. For example, if players get 50% hike per match day, then match officials too will get 50% hike."

According to the media outlet's learning, domestic players who currently earn around Rs 10,000 for every playing day during the Ranji Trophy will get as much as Rs 20,000 for the same starting this upcoming season.

The committee is also mulling over increase the long-due remuneration for match umpires, referees and video analysts. These match officials last received a pay hike back in 2011.

BCCI game development manager Ratnakar Shetty had earlier made a proposal to increase the daily pay for Ranji Trophy from Rs, 10,000 to 40,000. The idea was to compensate players working hard in the domestic tournaments.

However, the BCCI is unlikely to accept his proposal as control board is learnt to keep only 26 percent of its gross revenue from TV rights for players.

Just last month, the cricket control body earned a whopping Rs 16,347.50 crore in the IPL media rights bid.

On the other hand, the recent success of the women’s national cricket team in the 2017 World Cup has compelled the cricket board to reconsider its payment structure.