Dennis Lillee Praises Virat Kohli Says, He Is As Good As Anyone I Have Seen

| December 21 , 2018 , 15:11 IST

Former Australian and legendary speedster Dennis Lillee on Friday praised Indian skipper Virat Kohli as a "great player" and also revealed that the current no.1 Test batsman in the world is as good as anyone he has ever seen.

Speaking to media Dennis Lillee said, "I think he is a great player. There is no need for me to even say because everyone knows that. What makes Virat great is first of all great technique, determination, balance and the time he has got to play the deliveries."

"He seems to see the ball early and all great batsmen have those four things. Technique, determination, balance and the ability to see the ball early. Virat is as good as anyone I have seen," he added.

Dennis Lillee was also impressed by the current Indian pace charger especially Jasprit Bumrah, whom he compared to Australian bowling great Jeff Thompson.

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Further, Lillee also said, "I think Jasprit Bumrah is very interesting. He runs off a very short run-up. He jogs and then bowls with a very short run. He has got straight arms. His bowling is not text book by any means, but it works."

"He is very different from other pace bowlers, which reminds me of another fast bowler of my era, who was very different from everyone else - Jeff Thomson".

"He is not as fast as Jeff Thomson was but similar in the sense that they were outside the guidelines of normal fast bowling action or technique," he added.