BCCI To Counter ICL Challenge From Chandra's Essel

| May 22 , 2015 , 14:05 IST
BCCI With the announcement that the Essel group is launching a rebel league, The BCCI officials have said they are not concerned about the rival league. “No one can stop someone from setting it up (a new system), but to dislodge what is established is very difficult,” Niranjan Shah, the former secretary of the BCCI told a newspaper. In an official press release the group said “Essel Group is now geared up to enter the sports business at a global level, focusing on Cricket, since it has been limited to Commonwealth countries, our research reflects that there is an immense opportunity to make it a global sport." The ICC is cricket’s only world (governing) body,” Anurag Thakur general secretary of BCCI told India’s Hindi news channel. “There have been attempts before but everyone has seen how they collapsed whether in India (the Indian Cricket League from 2007-09), Australia (World Series Cricket in the late 1970s) or anywhere else.”
Lalit Modi, the architect behind Indian Premier League, told a British newspaper last week that the idea also did not seem feasible.
“It’s not something you can just launch—it will take years,” he was quoted as saying. “It is not putting a tournament together, it’s about building the sport from the grassroots up.”
Arun Lal, former Indian cricketer who was a part of the ICL said "A lot of players put their careers on the line, but the ICL did not care about them, In India, it will be very difficult to entice players from the BCCI, so such a structure will have to invest in players for the long run. Moreover, they will also have to invest in infrastructure”
The BCCI looks confident of it's hold on cricket in India and the audience share, while the Subhash Chandra is confident about his plans, the players and the people have a negative view about the rebel league.

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