Oops! Tesla Car Released By SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket Takes Wrong Turn Into Deep Space

| February 9 , 2018 , 09:07 IST

Elon Musk founded private space agency SpaceX made history on February 7 when it successfully launched the world's most powerful rocket 'Falcon Heavy', strapped on with a Tesla Roadster car with a mannequin dressed in a space suit in its front seat. The Tesla car, expected to head into orbit around Mars, appears to have taken a wrong turn further into deep space overnight, reports said on Friday.

The Tesla car was sent up with the Falcon Heavy rocket to fill up the space which usually would have been filled by scientific equipment or other payloads and was equipped with a camera to transmit the view from the car, which was shared by Elon Musk on twitter.

According to the original plan, the car and the dummy would have gone into orbit between Earth and Mars and would slowly pass around the solar system. However, one of the bursts of fuel to give the car momentum pushed too hard, resulting in the car veering off from its planned route. The Tesla car is now on its way to the asteroid belt at the edges of the solar system, Musk said.

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Although the change of route was unplanned, it does confirm the power of the Falcon Heavy rocket that was able to bring the Tesla Roadster to such a distance. The powerful rocket, and its ability to get out into the asteroid belt could prove useful for various private companies interested in asteroid mining. Many believe that objects like asteroids towards the edges of our solar system could possibly contain expensive and rare materials, but so far there has been no way to get a hold of the objects and bring them back to Earth.

Not much is known about the path that the Tesla car would take as it's unclear what the pull of the various planets around it would be. Experts suggest it's unlikely the car would collide with anything major given its small size, and instead may get smashed up itself.